E-Bikes Outselling Conventional Bikes, Netherlands.

E-Bikes Outselling Conventional Cycles

E-bikes are for the first time outselling conventional cycles in 2018.

E-bikes feature in a recent news item from The Guardian which we think is very interesting. Here’s what they have to say….

In 2018, the Netherlands saw E-bikes sales of €823m out of a total €1.2bn in bicycle sales!

In addition, it was the first year that overall sales past €1bn. 409,400 e-bike sales in 2018 represent an uplift of 40% on 2017. As a result the average price of a bicycle in the Netherlands rose by about €200 to €1,207. In 2011 the average was €734.

The Guardian view on e-bikes: British cycling needs this boost

The Dutch do have a love affair with the bicycle. There are 22.5m of them in a country of 17 million people. However, this is ramping up a level, according to a study by the RAI Vereniging, an organisation representing the automotive and cycling sector.

Furthermore, more than 1m bicycles were sold last year in the Netherlands, up 5.7% on 2017. Interestingly, at the same time Dutch consumers appear willing to spend big on their bicycles. In particular, e-bikes.

Asked whether rising prices would begin to put the Dutch public off the two-wheeled mode of transport, RAI’s Floris Liebrand said: “Not in the Netherlands. It is in our culture, in our blood.”

Quoting from members of the Dutch public:

“For us it quite normal to spend €1,000 on a bike. An average for an e-bike is over €2,000 but that is in our culture. We believe in the quality of our products. There are e-bikes of €700 or €900 but they are from south-east Asia and the quality is lower.”

There has been a change in the Dutch mindset as electric bikes are no longer seen as the choice of older people. “In the future we will not talk about e-bikes, but just bikes,” RAI’s Floris Liebrand said. “E-bikes will be the new normal, I think, within 10 to 15 years. We think that all bikes will be supported by small engines.”

In the Netherlands, 60% of those who work live within 15km [9.3 miles] of their work and that is perfect for an e-bike.

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