Service & Support

After Sales Service & Support

Customer service is at the heart of OnBike. This means that not only do we pride ourselves on the ebikes we sell, but also on the after-sales service and maintenance we provide. Our fully trained technicians are highly skilled, and equipped to deal with all ebike related queries that may arise. OnBike is a fully accredited UK Service Centre for BOSCH, Shimano, Brose and Impulse drive units. We utilise the very latest diagnostic systems to support fully, EVERY OnBike customer, throughout the duration of ownership.


FREE 8-week Health Check

Up to 8-weeks from purchase or 200 miles whichever comes sooner, we offer a free ‘health check’.

Once a bike ‘settles’ after its initial period of use, the aim is to ensure that nothing has worked loose or gears for example have gone out of alignment. It’s a simple series of checks that takes no more than about 20 minutes, but one that we feel is important.

Prior to supply, OnBike puts every ebike through a 26-point PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) before being handed over to the customer. We build to British Standards and take the bikes out for a quick test ride to ensure proper functionality.


Annual Servicing

Every 12 months, we recommend servicing. OnBike charges a standard fee of £50, excluding any components that require replacing. Within this annual service, we utilise the manufacturer’s specific diagnostic equipment to ensure all software is up to date on the bike. We will complete a full mechanical service and advise on any work that may entail a cost, prior to completion. It’s worth noting that there are NO serviceable elements to the motor, battery or any part of the electrical systems. This means that OnBike customers actually don’t have to return to our store in Worcester if a local bike shop is more convenient. They too can engage in servicing the non-electric elements of an ebike such as brakes, gears, etc.

Servicing of Electric Bikes Purchased Elsewhere

OnBike is dedicated to providing the ultimate service to its customers, in every respect. With this in mind, we are committed to prioritising our own customers and are therefore unable to service ebikes purchased from other retailers.

Servicing Appointments


Please use our contact details to book an appointment for servicing.There are always demands on the workshop, and we would very much appreciate customers contacting us to arrange a mutually convenient time.