Gazelle Connect

Gazelle Connect

Gazelle Connect is the name of Gazelle’s new GPS tracking module that features on certain models.

The Avignon C380 is a wonderful example, and is a ‘Connect’ bike from Gazelle. It has a built-in GPS tracking module.

With Gazelle Connect, you always know where your eBike is. Thanks to its built in GPS module, you receive a notification through the Gazelle Connect app on your smartphone if your eBike unexpectedly starts moving. To deter theft the bike clearly shows ‘GPS-PROTECTED’ on the frame.

The location of your eBike will display on a map in the app, making it easy to find. You can also easily activate the theft protection through the app, which warns you when your e-bike unexpectedly starts moving.

For the app to function, in addition to insurance, a data connection is required. When purchasing a ‘Connect’ bike, this is included as standard for the duration. Afterwards, you will receive a notification in the app to renew the data connection. For 12 months of data connection, you pay a fixed amount of only £35. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind!

We think that this new feature is a real WOW!

The Avignon C380 comes in both a 500Wh and 625Wh version. In addition, there are TWO colours to choose from; pebble grey and teal grey. All versions of the C380 feature the Gazelle Connect GPS tracking module.

Worthy of note is that the pebble grey is not available in the small, 46cm frame. You’ll need to go for the teal grey for this frame size. The Dutch are a tall race and as such, many models including the Avignon C380 come in super-large sizes as well as more modest ones. 

With awesome Enviolo stepless gearing, a Gates carbon belt and looks to die for, the Avignon C380 is a dream.

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