Electric Bike Test Ride

An electric bike test ride is a vital element when considering a purchase. Customers are welcome to visit OnBike at any time during the day to view, test ride and discuss any aspect of electric bikes without any prior notice.

It’s also an ideal opportunity to ask any questions, and really get to know what electric bikes are all about. We’ve always been proud of being able to provide customers with a comprehensive experience before a purchase. This way, an informed decision can be made on the many different types of drive systems, specifications and brands available. Finally, taking an electric bike test ride is the perfect way to get a feel for both the geometry and ride experience!

Test Ride Between 15 & 20 Electric Bikes at Your Convenience…..!

Whether you’re looking for a folding electric bike, electric mountain bike, or a touring ebike, OnBike guarantees to let all customers have an electric bike test ride before making any form of commitment to buying.

This way, you won’t be in danger of making any snap decisions and hoping for the best! So do feel free to visit, request a test ride, and thoroughly get to know the bikes – you’re more than welcome!

Alternatively, if you would like to book a test ride and provide a ‘heads-up’ that you’ll be making a visit, we’d be delighted to greet you, so please complete the form below together with any message about the bikes you are interested in:

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    Electric Bike Test Rides