Brexit and Electric Bikes


The Brexit Effect on Electric Bikes in 2017

Brexit. What more can be said about Brexit that hasn’t already been said (in one way or another!). Whether voting for or against…it was a very personal decision. However, regardless of how we feel about the subject, there’s no getting away from the fact that Brexit has already affected the UK in many ways. Most noticeably and immediately, is in the exchange rate. Holidays to both Europe and the USA are now more expensive. As a result of the Pound’s movement, the UK has experienced an increase in the cost of bicycle componentry both on conventional cycles and electric, and in some cases this has caused a knock on effect to the consumer. Brexit has affected the industry, no doubt. However, the good news is that all is not lost! With all this potential doom and gloom knocking around about Brexit, we felt it important to lift peoples’ spirits by reiterating that there ARE great electric bikes available at GREAT prices…and we think that OnBike has a fantastic selection! Here’s a few observations about what we believe is one of many such examples – the SCOTT E-Sub Active Unisex at only £1,999.00!

SCOTT E-Sub Active Unisex

We’ve had a soft spot the E-Sub range from SCOTT for quite a while here at OnBike. New for 2017 is the Active Unisex, powered by Bosch and built to very high standards. Sleek lines and stunning good looks make an impact immediately. It’s a great touring bike, powered by Bosch and features a large 400Wh battery. Its Active motor is ideal for long and lazy days out, ideal for exploring the countryside. Equipped with a nice Deore 10-speed derailleur with great gear range, the Active Unisex has more than adequate hill-climbing ability. Shimano hydraulic brakes on sizeable rotors ensure effective stopping power as and when required. The ride is ultra comfortable with a nice, forgiving saddle, sporting perfect frame geometry and high levels of componentry. The handlebar grips are not simply round, but feature additional padding for the palms of the hands to ease fatigue. Schwalbe Road Cruiser tyres have internal Kevlar protection to reduce the likelihood of punctures, whilst a set of Suntour suspension forks absorb all those nasty bumps and hollows. A set of bright AXA lights on both front and rear ensure the rider is seen and visible in low light. Simple to operate, and great fun to ride, the SCOTT E-Sub Active Unisex is great choice for both men and women!