Bolle Cycling Helmets

Bolle Cycling Helmets

Bolle Cycling Helmets Now In Stock

We’re delighted to announce that OnBike is now a stockist of Bolle Cycling Helmets. Made in France, this superb range of quality and stylish headgear is above and beyond your standard cycling helmet. Bolle is extremely well known and respected across Eurpoe not just for cycling helmets but also for their ski helmets, sunglasses and goggles. In addition, Bolle produce the only sports glasses with prescription lenses that meet all international impact standards. They’re a very unique brand and OnBike is proud to stock their products!

Bolle cycling helmets have a number of great features, but one which stands out above all, is the Safety QR code:

Safety QR Code

Exclusive to BOLLE!

Affix a special, supplied Safety QR Code sticker to the helmet. In case of accident, the Safety QR Code allows any person equipped with a smartphone that can read QR codes, to identify who exactly should be contacted and what should be done in the event. A voice message of your choosing is recorded beforehand . Scanning the Safety QR Code then initiates the playback of the voice message. This unique feature is invaluable for the emergency services in the event of an accident. The Safety QR Code is printed on a special material which is guaranteed and resistant to wear, even in adverse weather conditions.

Additional Features of Bolle Cycling Helmets

ALL models within the Bolle range come with the following features:

  • Safety QR Code.
  • LED located at the rear of the helmet with TWO options. Flashing or continuous illumination.
  • Click to FitTM system for ultimate comfort and fit.

Messenger Premium Range

The Messenger Premium range come with TWO, interchangeable different linings. One for summer, high temperatures and the second for the cold in winter. You’ll never be too hot or too cold again!

We think that the range of Bolle Cycling Helmets are stylish and have great features that make them a very safe, comfortable and desirable option.