eBike into Spring

eBike into Spring

eBike into Spring: It’s Just Around the Corner…Honest!

With all this doom and gloom around the Siberian ‘blast’ and threat of heavy snow in the UK, an ebike may not be on everyone’s mind.

However…our enthusiasm for electric bikes will never be dampened, no matter what the weather!

It’s not common knowledge that actually, the start of Spring can be marked by TWO dates. There’s the meteorological date of the 1st March, which most of us relate to. However, the astronomical date is the 20th March. Meteorological seasons are the simpler. Split into four periods of three months each as we all know, they coincide with the Gregorian calendar. As a result, March, April, May, etc. can be compared year-on-year with the same time period for consistency. In contrast, the astronomical calendar determines the seasons by taking into account the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the sun. It can get a tad complex, so back to our favourite subject: the ebike.

We’d Like to Think that OnBike has an eBike for Everyone

Okay, so there may be a little tiny snow flake falling gently outside the window. Granted. But here at OnBike we’re always upbeat, and want to shout about not just one particular ebike, but every single one we have in stock!

We’ve got what we believe is a superb and diverse range. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re great examples of electric bikes. So, whether you’re looking for something extreme, sedate, large, small, or a general all-rounder, we have a great choice of the very best ebikes on the market. We specialise in both Bosch and Shimano motors and are a fully accredited UK Service Centre for these prestigious brands!

Check out our complete range of Electric Bikes and visit our showroom here in Worcester.