Best eMTB 2018: In-House Review

Best eMTB 2018

Defining the best eMTB 2018 that suits every man (and woman) and his dog is impossible. The human body varies greatly and with that, our own proportions and geometry just like an ebike. So do our opinions, that define us.

However, making an informed choice is the sensible approach and a good place to start. It’s disappointing in some ways to know that there isn’t one single all encompassing eMTB out there that carries the accolade of ‘best eMTB 2018′. Imagine if everyone owned the same bike, how dull would that be…just like us all wearing the same clothes!

The good news is that things are getting progressively better and better. There’s now some awesome ebikes out there for sure.

Best eMTB 2018 Motor for Use on Trails, Climbs & Descents

Shimano E8000 Motor

With a variety of motors to choose from, it’s daunting knowing where to start. Performance is the obvious starting point. However, additional factors like reliability and UK support are equally, if not more important. The fact is that anything comprising electrical components can fail. I’m sure we can all think of an example of a failing household appliance or smart phone, etc. Fortunately, electric bike failures and hiccups are few and far between thanks to much more reliable technology.

With this in mind, our view is to focus on eMTBs with one of TWO drives only, Bosch & Shimano. Both manufacturer’s have well trained, dedicated teams based in the UK. If support is required in any shape or form, our experience is that it’s highly informed and given both promptly and professionally.

Bosch & Shimano Motor Drives

All of our eMTBs have either a Bosch Performance CX or Shimano E8000 motor. Both these drives deliver the most torque within their own range.

We ran a news story last year on the Shimano E8000 eMTB motor when it was first released as well as a review on the FOCUS Jam2 and Bold2 range of bikes. Since then, Lapierre have announced their new range of Shimano eMTBs featuring battery “Snake Technology” that look fabulous.

Battery integration is also a worthy consideration, but it can cost more!

Below is a brief summary of our great range of eMTB brands and their motors:

CUBE – Bosch

FOCUS – Bosch & Shimano

LAPIERRE – Bosch & Shimano

MERIDA – Shimano


SCOTT – Bosch & Shimano

Bosch eBike

Best eMTB 2018: Conclusion

When considering an electric mountain bike, there’s actually nothing wrong with a starting point based on the look of the bike. However, following this initial ‘eye catching’ moment, dig a little deeper and look at the specifications. Many manufacturer’s offer a range of eMTBs with differing levels of components – not everyone can, wants or needs to go for top of the range. There are some great eMTBs that are reasonably priced!

We love our range of electric mountain bikes. They’ve been specially chosen as we firmly believe they offer the best in reliability, quality and performance. Drop by our shop in Worcester and take a closer look at our eMTBs, you’re always welcome!