Shimano E8000 Drive

Shimano E8000

Shimano E8000 Drive for Electric Mountain Bikes

The Shimano E8000 drive released this year has caused quite a stir already, and understandably so.

Following on from our previous news story about the fantastic new FOCUS range of bikes featuring the Shimano E8000, the Jam2 and Bold2, we thought it fitting to set out a few of the key features and differences from other drive units in the market. It’s fair to say that they all have their own subtle individual characteristics, but here’s a few observations about the E8000 that we think you may find of interest:

General Shimano E8000 features

  • the motor is relatively light compared to other drive systems on the market
  • Q-Factor (distance between the cranks) is the same as a standard Shimano crank at 175mm, like a conventional bike
  • shorter chainstay enabling the bike to handle for like a conventional MTB
  • cranks are connected to the chainring meaning a true 1:1 ratio
  • gear shifting is via paddles
  • Di2 compatability for electronic shifting
  • linkable via Blutooth to a smart phone/tablet app called E-Tube to configure & update
  • power tweaks via E-Tube app

Features Specific to the FOCUS Jam2 and Bold2 range of bikes

Having spent a lot of time on the FOCUS range of eMTBs, we can’t get enough of them. Don’t get us wrong though, we still love Bosch, and we have some great examples of bikes that utilise this superb system. It’s just that we were captivated by some unique elements in the FOCUS bikes, and the way in which they had maxed out and exploited the Shimano E8000. So…in addition to the above great fetaures, here’s what the FOCUS Jam2 and Bold2 can also provide:

  • the 378Wh battery is a mere 2kg! This is much lighter than the competition’s 500Wh that weighs in at 2.5kg. Wait! Yes, we know that it will weigh less as it’s capacity is smaller, but, as it stands it’s a lighter bike and more agile
  • as a result of the above observation, coupled with a lighter Shimano E8000 drive means far greater range than you might expect!
  • if you’re still nervous, a SECOND battery can be added which gives a massive 756Wh…!
  • an integrated battery in the downtube adds stability, and lowers the central point of gravity
  • a nifty bottle cage with compartment for goodies can easily be attached


We also stock the fabulous NEW range of eMTBs from MERIDA that also sport the Shimano E8000!

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