Mens Electric Bikes

Mens electric bikes offer a more traditional frame styling for the discerning gent. However, crossbar frames remain suitable for both men and women alike. There’s no right or wrong!


Getting on board a crossbar frame does require a certain amount of suppleness from the hip. The phrase ‘swinging the leg over’ is spot on for mens ebikes, but not for everyone. If in doubt, it’s far better to consider a step-through frame, just in case. None of us are getting any younger, so it may be a good call to think ahead. A quality ebike is an investment that will last for many years.

The battery position is quite often on the downtube with mens electric bikes. Occasionally, it can be found on the rear rack but this is less common.

Different Types of eBikes for Men

eBikes for men come in many different guises. In fact, there’s dozens of different styles and geometries between manufacturers. Here’s a brief summary of the type of mens electric bikes we have:

Touring – a comfortable touring frame is very popular with gentlemen. Classically, these ebikes have some curvature to the handlebars for a relaxed riding position. They come equipped with mudguards, lights and rear carrier. In addition, they exhibit the ‘sit up and beg’ riding style giving the rider a straight back. Super comfortable!

Trekking – similar to the above, but with a straighter handlebar for a more dynamic feel. The riding position is more forward.

Cross – a flat bar quite frequently. This style of mens ebike tends not to have mudguards or rear carrier, but may or may not have lights.

Gearing on Mens electric bikes is in the form of either a hub or derailleur. It’s a personal choice. Interestingly, many bikes within the Riese & Müller range offer special gearing options such as Enviolo (seamless hub) and Rohloff (14-speed hub with electronic shifting).

Whatever the preference, there’s an ebike for you!

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