eBikes: Availability going into 2022


eBikes will, once again be in short supply in the immediate future.

What do we mean by limited availability of eBikes….?

A good question!

Without exception, each of our brands is saying the same thing. There will only be a certain number of ebikes available in 2022 due to the lack of components.

The pandemic has made a huge impact on the supply chain. Furthermore, not only are components in short supply, but so are frames. Periodic factory closures in the last few years due to Covid have resulted in much lower productivity. In addition, this means longer lead times for components. This in turn leads to the fact that bikes cannot be built to completion as quickly.

The knock on effect of all this is that there will be availability, but not the choice of frame size, style or colour as normal.

With the exception of Riese und Müller, dealers are unable to place orders as they have done previously. Instead, we are seeing allocations of ebikes within the industry.

What does all this mean?

We have a simple philosophy here at OnBike. If you’ve set your heart on an ebike, and you know what you want, then we would strongly suggest that you place an order. Dealers by now already know what will be in their deliveries for 2022.

Yes, that does of course sound like shameless salesmanship. However, this is the genuine reality. Like all dealers, we exist to turn a profit, but also to promote the use of environmentally friendly alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles. In addition, we aim to supply solutions to people for a variety of reasons. This may simply be for fun and leisure, perhaps commuting, or to aid or prolong cycling whereby conventional cycles are not suitable.

Whatever the reason for considering a purchase, please do have a thought on taking action sooner rather than later.

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