CUBE Electric Bikes ‘Flag System’

Cube Electric Bikes 2022

CUBE electric bikes are a popular brand of ebike thanks to their stylish looks and superb performance.

Anyone reading this post will already know that as a result of the Pandemic, certain ebikes are unavailable and extremely hard to come by. Fortunately, here at OnBike we’ve been able to maintain good stock throughout the last year and a half. It hasn’t been easy by any means, but we continue to have a great selection of ebikes in nearly all of our brands.

Due to the high demand of CUBE electric bikes this time last year, we’re going to take a slightly different approach than previously. We will now indicate on our website whether or not a particular model of CUBE ebike is currently in stock. We appreciate how frustrating it can be to find out that your dream bike is simply not in stock and may not be for several months.

NEW Flag System

We’re putting a ‘flag’ against each bike on the website that provides a status. This will be as simple as ‘IN STOCK’ or available to ‘Pre-order’.

Last year, many customers asked us to reserve a bike for them with a 10% deposit. By the end of 2021, many of the CUBE’s had been taken by customers and there was no free stock remaining.

Things look to be going the same way this year as stock continues to be hard to source.

It’s fair to say that delivery dates may not be in tablets of stone for any brand of ebike. The Pandemic continues to cause supply issues that will inevitably have a knock on effect for some time to come, probably a few years!

Secure your CUBE Electric Bike

If you are considering acquiring a CUBE this coming season, then please consider giving us a call and securing one sooner than later to avoid disappointment.

See our Full range of CUBE electric bikes HERE.