e Bikes Are Fun – Everyone Should Own One…!

e bike

There’s an e bike for everyone here at OnBike…!

An e Bike for Commuting, Leisure or Just for Fun!

Phew…it’s hot! At the time of writing this post it’s a glorious 28°C, that’s 82°F! There’s not a cloud in the sky. There’s no rain forecast. It’s time to get on an e bike and explore!

Bosch eBikeOnBike has been retailing e bikes since 2008. We’re in our tenth year now and have seen quite a change during this time. Without hesitation, we think the look, feel and performance of electric bikes has never been so good. With great drive systems like Bosch and Shimano, reliability is superb. Having support in the UK from these huge names is still so important. That’s why OnBike feels that these two major players provide the best systems and support within the UK without a doubt.

A fabulous choice of e bikes to whet every appetite…

Whether it’s a commuting workhorse like the lovely Gazelle CityZen T10 HMB or a hugely comfortable leisure bike such as the KTM Macina Fun 9 P5, we have something here at OnBike for all. For those feeling a bit more aventurous, the Lapierre Overvolt AM 627i has newly arrived!

In fact, we don’t just shout about our favourite e bikes, we do actually keep them in stock too!

Lapierre Overvolt AM 627iOf course, e bikes aren’t cheap. Consider investing wisely and you won’t be disappointed. OnBike doesn’t stock entry level electric bikes. They don’t last, and the quality of components can vary hugely. If your budget is tight, then why not consider 0& Finance. It doesn’t cost the purchaser anything!

Alternatively, the fantastic Green Commute Initiative Cycle to Work Scheme facilitates mega savings. This is extremely simple, especially for company owners. Savings can be as high as 42%!

So…with the Summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to consider owning and enjoying an e bike. They’re healthy alternatives to cars and much more fun!

See our full range of e bikes.