Orbea Bikes

ORBEA bikes having conquered the conventional road bike market now offer a stunning range of lightweight electric road bikes and superb eMTBs too!

We’re delighted here at OnBike to now offer the FULL range of electric Orbea bikes. These stunning machines have their roots in the heart of the Basque Country, northern Spain in Mallabia.

Electric Road Bikes

The ORBEA Gain range of electric road bikes offer a powerful, yet lightweight solution for many riders. They comprise a 250Wh battery with full frame integration for both a subtle and sleek line. It’s very hard to tell that the Gain has electrical power at all.

However, that’s not all. Up its sleeve is a second battery option. An additional 200Wh can easily be added giving a whopping 450Wh in total for extensive range.

In the rear hub is a powerful Ebikemotion motor, practically silent and silky smooth. Three levels of assist are available, all easily accessible by a simple button on the top tube.

Electric Mountain Bikes

We’re SO impressed with ORBEA’s range of full suspension electric mountain bikes, we couldn’t not shout about them!

With stunning looks and awesome specification, their range of Wild FS 160mm Enduro eMTBs really are something special.

To complement their superb styling, the Wild FS are equally great performers. Bosch’s powerful 75Nm Performance CX (Gen4) mid drive engine works in perfect harmony with a huge 625Wh battery. It’s full integration ensure sleek lines and awesome looks.

With various specification options, the Wild FS range of ORBEA bikes offer something for everyone, from beginner to pro.

See a small sample of ORBEA bikes from their huge range on our website HERE.