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Orbea Electric Bikes

Orbea, as one of cycling’s oldest companies, is one of the custodians of the old traditions, of the roots and heritage of the sport. Their long history has lent deep experience and learning allowing them to capitalise on success decades before the competition.

Orbea are indeed breaking new ground into the future with urban and electric bikes

In 1840 the Orbea Brothers open a small workshop in Eibar, deep in the heart of Basque Country. With relentless work and ambition, the workshop grows and becomes the first factory in a city that eventually dedicates itself to the cycling industry.

Over time, the factory becomes a leader amongst its peers. It pioneers many innovative products and manufacturing procedures. Since then, Orbea maintains an innovative spirit of the Eibar factory. It constantly adapts its products for customers. When guns were no longer the business of Orbea, they drew on their innate knowledge of steel tubing to build bicycles of all types, from the premium to the most basic.

Orbea Electric Bikes are Innovative

With a family of bicycles to suit every rider, Orbea offer a bike for every step of the ride, from full suspension Enduro electric mountain bikes to featherweight Grand Tour racing steeds. Bikes for sheer enjoyment, for unending miles through the forest, and for the pinnacle of performance.

As in decades previous, the workmanship is what sets Orbea apart. Every drawing, every design, they all go through a thousand iterations in the quest for perfection.

The Basque Country

The Basque Country has an innate passion for cycling, a perpetual love of the sport from edge to edge. It is a paradise for a cyclist to take on the road, on a bike sharing experiences with friends, but also a land of cycling champions and legends, who suffer to conquer the peaks. It’s in this environment that Orbea thrives.

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