Speed Pedelec Bikes

Speed Pedelec

Speed Pedelec bikes are now available from OnBike!

Speed Pedelec Bikes and UK Law

Owning an E-Speed bike is a whole new experience! Firstly though, let’s spend a thought or two on the relevant legislation here in the UK.

Before riding a speed pedelec on the road, it first needs registering with DVLA. Furthermore, it must conform to British Standards set out for what are termed ‘light mopeds’. Additionally, insurance is a requirement. The rider must wear a proper, certified moped/motorbike helmet too. The classification recognised by DVLA is “TYPE APPROVAL CLASSIFICATION L1e Light Moped”. As a consequence, to meet correct safety standards, speed e-bikes require certain levels of equipment by law, namely:

  • High intensity front lamp
  • Rear number plate
  • Brake light on the rear
  • Mirror
  • Certificate of Conformity

Number Plate

It goes without saying that here at OnBike, we’re extremely proud to be the UK’s largest supplier of Riese & Müller e-bikes to the UK. It’s probably fair to say that in our experience, they produce the best speed pedelec bikes around.

Riese & Müller have an enviable pedigree in the e-bike market. Most of all, they are recognisable for their range of individual designs and ground-breaking innovation. Rather than follow the trend, they have created the likes of the Supercharger, Delite and Nevo to name just a few. Thanks to the Bosch Performance Speed motor, rated at 350W, riders seeking a fast and more sporty ride than a standard e-bike now have the option of Speed pedelecs.

Dual Batteries on Speed E-Bikes

Many Riese & Müller electric bikes have a dual battery option. Because the power consumption of a speed pedelec is greater than that of a standard e-bike, there is a modest effect on range. In light of this, having 2 x 500Wh batteries may seem to be a very good idea for some!

In conclusion, it appears that there may be a few hoops to jump through in registering a fast electric bike and making it ready for road use, legally. Fortunately, OnBike is here to help and will guide you through the entire process.

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