Riese Muller eBikes – IMPORTANT NEWS

riese muller ebikes
If you’re thinking of purchasing Riese Muller eBikes, then we have some very important news! The factory in which Riese Muller ebikes are produced is moving in January 2019! Currently based in Darmstadt, Germany production is moving about 7 miles down the road to Mühltal. Mühltal is a municipality in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg, in Hesse, Germany. It lies southeast of Darmstadt, separated by the City Forest (the “Stadtwald”).

Riese Muller eBikes: NEW ORDERS

Order  BEFORE mid-November 2018 to beat the delay! For all new orders before mid-November, Riese Muller will try to deliver by mid-January before they move. During the relocation in the latter part of January, no new Riese Muller ebikes can be built. This means that deliveries after this time will be the end of March 2019. It’s very important for those who are considering purchasing from Riese Muller to act quickly to avoid a lengthy delay in delivery. There’s a fabulous range of exquisite ebikes to choose from in their 2019 season. Take a look!