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Cobi Bike

COBI Bike System Now Available from OnBike

The Cobi Bike System is something that we at OnBike have had a close eye on for some time. We’ve been intrigued by the ease of use, simplicity and array of functions that the unit has to offer. It’s available for both conventional and electric bikes. There’s a specific Bosch version (as well as others) which allows the rider to operate the Cobi Bike unit from the Bosch assist-level unit already on the bars. It’s like Bosch’s Nyon unit but utilises a smart phone instead. Both iPhone and Android are compatible with Cobi.

What is the COBI Bike System and What Does it Do?

Basically, the COBI Bike System makes use of a smartphone for a number of features and incorporates additional functions as described below. There’s no hard-wiring necessary or messing about. In the case of Bosch, the COBI mount simply slides onto the existing Intuvia platform. For non-Bosch, the unit attached directly to the bars. It’s all very easy to install.

  • GPS navigation with voice guidance
  • Movement-triggered anti-theft alarm
  • Audio control, e.g. music apps
  • Fitness data
  • Minute-by-minute bike weather forecast
  • Digital bell (via loudspeaker in the hub)
  • Bright, automatic front light (COBI Plus only)
  • Automatic, wireless rear light (COBI Plus only)
  • App for Android/iOS
  • 100% secure smartphone holder
  • Smartphone charges directly from the e-bike battery
  • Make and take calls

Customer Review of the Cobi Bike System

OnBike is indebted to Phillip Smith (thanks Phill – a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!) for providing a fully comprehensive and fantastic review of the Cobi Bike System. In addition, Phill very kindly shot a couple of ‘real life’ videos showing the alarm and rear indicators that are part of the system. These are below together with a number of key elements from his review:

First impression is there is not a lot there for the money, but put all together and paired with bike and phone on the bike it looks the biz (if you like this sort of thing).

Setting up instructions are a bit vague as it needs its internal battery charged before updating.

So far it looks good. Connected my ant+ Scosche wrist hr monitor and the included rear light/indicators without issue, and also connected to Strava which will now auto upload after each ride.
All looks to work smoothly with my phone connecting/disconnecting to the hub without a delay and browsing through the settings there seems to be plenty of display options. Map options look good as well and have just downloaded Yorkshire for now and it presents very much like a car sat-nav ….will try it later/tomorrow/when I can.

After my first test ride I must say I am impressed. Everything works well from the Intuvia thumb control and its just a case of getting used to long and short presses to move through the screens.

Points of note so far:

  1. The Cobi Hub synchronised with the Bosch motor showing the correct odometer reading and current Battery Status.
  2. The Alarm is loud and easy to set/unset (see Video) but does not show an alert on my phone.
  3. The electronic bell is a short press on the Walk button and Indicators are a long press on the +/- buttons which gives audio and visual notifications on the display (see Video)
  4. Mapping is a bit basic but works, and in a short test it chose a little known and relatively new cycle path over the main road, again with Audio and Visual prompts but even with my phone at full volume traffic noise on a busy road drowned them out.
  5. If you link your Strava account them data is auto uploaded to Strava within seconds after its switched off, with the ride showing up in Strava as an E-Bike ride with HR data included.
  6. Connection to a Samsung Galaxy S6 has been faultless so far.
  7. Lights can be set to auto or manual and get brighter as the light fades, which are good as a daytime front running light but will possibly be inadequate on unlit roads or off-road at night.
  8. During my short test (about 35 minutes) my Phone gained in charge with the lights on.
  9. I haven’t suffered any of the problems other reviewers have had but its early days..”

Additional Accesories

To complement the COBI unit, there are also a number of additional accessories available:

  • MTB Style Kit £19.90 – available in FOUR different colours: black, grey, red or blue
  • Urban Style Kit £19.90 – available in black or grey
  • Mount case with cover £29.90 – for iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone Plus 6/7/8 & iPhone 6/6s

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