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It’s been a chilly and snowy time for many people recently in the UK, but especially for those of us here in the West Midlands. The weather has been particularly harsh and not particularly ‘cycle-friendly’ to say the least. However, all is not lost. Thinking ahead, now could be the perfect time to consider placing an order for one of those very nice Riese and Muller e-bikes!

Riese and Muller Hand Built to Order

Riese and Muller build their electric bikes to order. They’re different to many other brands. Each bike is lovingly assembled by hand in Weiterstadt, Germany. Here at OnBike we try to keep as many variants and as much stock as possible, but invariably many customers place specific orders based on their own personal preferences. Riese and Muller offer a wide range of e-bikes as well as a number of spec and accessory options too. Models also come in several colour options.

Riese and Muller E-BikesThis level of flexibility is great and allows the customer to tailor each bike to their own specific requirements. It does however present a unique challenge. Due to such high levels of demand, Riese and Muller e-bikes can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered from the time of ordering. In peak season, it can on occasion be a touch longer!

If a Riese and Muller e-bike is featuring in future thoughts, we thought it worth emphasising that there is a lead time involved. As mentioned previously, OnBike does keep a fine selection of ready built, ready to test-ride electric bikes in store from this highly prestigious manufacturer. However, if an order is required, then now may well be a good time to browse either our own website or that of Riese and Muller.  Their site features a really useful configuarator. Here’s a few key features:

  • easy view summary of all models
  • summary of all available variants within each model
  • ‘build your own bike’ allows selection of accessories, spec, colour & upgrades
  • price calculator
  • the site generates a unique code for each personal configuration that OnBike can use to place an order

There’s a link below that will take you straight there:


Several models are listed here on our own website:

Check out the Range

If all the recent cold and wet weather is proving a bit of a dampener, why not grab an iPad, fire up the PC or use a smartphone and take a look at the fantastic range of e-bikes that Riese and Muller have to offer. Orders placed now will arrive in a couple of months just in time for when the better weather starts to arrive.