FREE TEC Pack – Focus eMTB

FREE TEC Pack Focus

That’s right!

We’re throwing in a FREE T.E.C. pack worth £459.00 in with every new Focus eMTB Jam2 and Sam2……!

The addition of a T.E.C. (Tailored Energy Concept) pack essentially doubles battery capacity from 378Wh to a whopping 756Wh!

The highly acclaimed range of Focus Jam2 and Sam2 are renowned for their lightweight and agility. We think they’re the best looking eMTB out there too. Their 70Nm Shimano E8000 motor is lighter than the competition, has a narrower Q-factor and facilitates shorter chainstays than other eMTBs.

The outcome – a well balanced bike that rides and feels like a conventional MTB.


The Jam2 is a nimble trail bike made for both flat and rolling trails. It’s not designed for the excesses of steep descents!

The battery integration helps lower both the bike weight and the centre of gravity. This can really be felt out on the trails. Also, it takes less power than other bikes when maneuvering around or over obstacles.


In contrast, the Sam2 range are hardcore downhill eMTBs.

With 170mm travel, and superb handling characteristics, the Sam2 is a match for even the most demanding terrain.