Electric Bike Conversion Kit – is it the Answer?

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Is an electric bike conversion kit worth considering?

A lot of people like a project, as do we at OnBike. It’s about getting hands on, and producing something that’s all our own work. Satisfaction runs high when the project matures and we find ourselves the proud owner of our new creation, whatever that may be!

There’s a number of ebike conversion kits on the market. They offer front and rear wheel motor integrations as well as crank solutions too.

However, in our experience, there is a huge BUT when considering an electric bike kit.

Why doesn’t OnBike sell electric bike conversion kits anymore?

OnBike is getting a few enquiries at the moment regarding ebike conversion kits.

OnBike used to sell electric bike conversion kits many years ago, but we no longer do so. Of all the options back then, the ebike kit from eZee (a Chinese company based in Shanghai) was the one we chose. It’s power was derived from a front wheel motor with a handlebar throttle and 10Ah battery.

Unfortunately, our experience in transforming a cherished conventional cycle into an ebike was mixed. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Disappointingly, although the conversion was 100% successful, the entire dynamic of the bike changed, and not for the better. What was once a highly loved cycle with many years of use, became a rather strange creature!

Here’s what our customers found:

  • uneven weight distribution
  • heavy
  • impaired maneuverability
  • unnatural riding experience due to a throttle
  • expensive solution
  • puncture repairs in the motor wheel were more complex


Sadly, our conclusion regarding the use of an electric bike conversion kit was not positive. OnBike discontinued selling ebike kits many years ago. We firmly believe that a purpose built electric bike IS the answer. In addition, we also feel that the crank drive is by far the most sensible as it ticks all the boxes.

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