eCargo Bike Grant Fund

eCargo Bike Grant Fund

eCargo Bike Grant Fund: Cheaper Riese & Muller Cargo Bikes!

The Department for Transport (DfT) is providing a scheme called
‘eCargo Bike Grant Fund’ the whereby eCargo bikes can be purchased at a heavily discounted price. As a result, there are huge savings to be made!

Through their green initiative, the DfT have made available £2 million of funding to support the use of eCargo bikes here in the UK. It’s available to limited companies, sole traders, partnerships, charities and not-for-profit organisations. In addition, public, community or third sector organisations are also eligible providing they meet the eligibility criteria.

eCargo bikes are a great way of transporting all sorts of items without the huge expense of petrol or diesel vehicles. Prestigeous brand Riese & Muller offer a wide variety of eCargo bikes and load carrying options. Additionally, they’re all powered by strong Bosch engines for outstanding performance and reliability!

Also, they’re a much more environmentally friendly means of transportation as well as being a far cheaper alternative!

Grant Fund Savings

eCargo Bike Grant funding covers up to 20% of the total cost of an eCargo bike, up to a maximum of £1,000 per bike.

To be eligible for funding, an eCargo bike must have a minimum of 125 litres of cargo volume capacity. Also, the rules state a minimum weight capacity of 130 kg (combined rider and cargo weight).

Riese & Muller have not one but THREE variants of eCargo bikes that fit perfectly into this category:

  1. Load 60 & 75
  2. Packster 40, 60 & 80
  3. Multicharger & Multicharger Mixte

Applying for a Grant

The application process is simple and is available online.

For more information on the eCargo Bike Grant Fund application process and FAQs, please visit:

Energy Saving Trust

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