Customer Service from OnBike

Customer Service

Customer service has always been one of the main priorities for OnBike since their inception in 2008, and is equally important as providing the very best in ebike innovation. We’re totally committed to giving the best customer service, having personally experienced such a wide and varied provision across the UK in many aspects of retailing. For those of us here that work at OnBike, our philosophy is very simple. Our approach is to provide every customer, without exception, first class service, a first class product and first class support.

Customer Service & Support for Electric Bikes

As active electric bikers, we’re continually ‘involved’ in a vast array of products – that includes test riding, researching new and innovative systems, and generally getting hands on with all the bikes that pass through our doors! This helps enormously, as we continue to build on our expertise that we’ve acquired over several years.

These are indeed exciting times as new products are developed and come to market, but OnBike is again committed to ensuring that it too develops in tandem (please excuse the pun!) and is in a position to support such new technology. That’s why OnBike is an official UK service centre for the likes of Bosch and other huge names in the electric bike industry. These manufacturing giants recognise that OnBike is more than well-equipped to build, maintain and service their products here in the UK. Additionally, we insist on building and personally testing every bike we sell so that it conforms to British Standards. Our many testimonials demonstrate that we are serious about customer service.

It’s not about selling……

As far as OnBike is concerned, customer service isn’t about selling. It’s about providing an unforgettable, positive and engaging customer experience, which is why we have many happy, satisfied and returning customers like Mark this week (see photo).