Try an Electric Bike

Try an Electric Bike

Try an Electric Bike at OnBike, the Electric Bike Specialist

So after a spot of research and much mulling over, it’s time to try an electric bike. You simply get on it and ride don’t you? Er…well sort of, but the process of becoming an owner starts a lot more earlier…!

Deciding on which electric bike to choose can be a daunting process. There’s a wealth of information out there, some of it good, some bad, and some a touch misleading. With so many brands now offering quite similar products with almost identical specifications, it can leave a prospective buyer somewhat weary. There’s nothing wrong at all with researching fully, in fact we’d recommend it, but ultimately the best way to make a decision is we believe, to try an electric bike, and get a feel for what they’re all about.

It is however not just about getting on and ‘off we go’.

At OnBike, customers are first guided through every aspect of the bike, how it operates, and all the key functionality. There’s every opportunity to ask as many questions as desired, in fact we encourage customers to do so! Prior to taking a test ride, we want people to feel comfortable and informed. Only then is it possible to really understand the differences and finer nuances of the bikes.

Having a good selection of bikes is important. It’s not by chance that OnBike has a wide and varied offering. This way, many different styles, geometries, gearing systems and motor drives can be tested to the limit. We can normally offer for test rides touring electric bikes, both 26″ & 28″ wheels, low step, crossbars, mountain bikes, and folding ebikes too from a wide range of manufacturers.

So, before making any snap decisions, we invite all prospective purchasers to try an electric bike at OnBike. You won’t be disappointed.

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