Servicing Electric Bikes

Servicing Electric Bikes

Servicing Electric Bikes

Servicing electric bikes is an inherent part of what we do at OnBike.

It’s fair to say that most components on electric bikes are pretty user-friendly, and can be serviced by the owner themselves without the need for huge amounts of technical knowledge. These days, there’s a plethora of information available on the internet, not all credible, but if you stick to the respected sites, keeping your electric bicycle in tip top condition is not too difficult a task.

The real problem arises if you’re unlucky and your cherished purchase develops one of those annoying little faults, electrical in nature,  that may on occasion be intermittent, or develop as a permanent feature of the bike. As we say to our customers, we’d be fibbing if we said that we never encounter a problem with an electric bike. It may occur straight out of the box, or develop over time; there’s always that possibility where electrics and motors are concerned. The important thing is to know what to do, and to have the tools and diagnostics to hand so the necessary repairs can be made. That’s where OnBike’s strength is. At this point, please don’t become overly concerned – these niggles are few and far between, and can be remedied. The important point is that a respectable dealer such as OnBike can diagnose and repair. That’s what servicing electric bikes is all about.

OnBike is proud to be recognised not just as one official service centre in the UK, but an official UK service centre for THREE leading manufacturers in the market. These are:

(1) Bosch

(2) BH Emotion – NEO & Panasonic

(3) KOGA

Each one of these leading authorities on ebikes has entrusted OnBike to maintain their products, and keep cyclists content and on the road. You may not have realised, but there’s a lot more to servicing electric bikes than meets the eye.