Riese and Muller Factory Tour

Riese and Muller Factory Tour

The Riese & Muller factory tour – WOW……!

It was a privilege to visit the Riese & Muller factory recently in Mühltal. It’s fair to say that we weren’t prepared for what we saw! The scale of production, the physical size of the factory, and the number of employees is astonishing.

The production facility has recently relocated from Darmstadt in south west Germany to nearby Mühltal. It’s not far from Frankfurt. It’s a case of ‘needs must’ as the volume of ebikes going out the door was too great for the exisiting factory.

What Riese and Muller now operate out of is something very special!

A truly professional operation

The Riese and Muller factory is HUGE. However, it’s still not large enough and further building work is currently ongoing to produce a bespoke storage facility.

The tour commenced in the morning and was immensely impressive. It started with us seeing the hundred’s of wheels being laced utilising a variety of gearing systems within them. Moving on, we then find ourselves amongst literally thousands of frames. Each one boasting a truly beautiful finish, and awaiting assembly. Next, onto the workstations. Teams of employees, each one with a specific task working on the one bike. Astonishingly, there’s several of them gathering around a single ebike, all fitting specific components.

When we say components…there’s box after box after box of every single item that can be found on a single ebike. Pallet after pallet of boxes labelled Magura…or Shimano…and so it goes on! The scale is breathtaking.

The dispatch area is something to be seen too. That phrase ‘logistic nightmare’ comes to mind when we think of how this must operate, but no! Once again, the process is finely tuned, extremely well organised and a highly slick operation!

The afternoon was equally impressive, with a highly informative presentation given jointly by Markus Riese, Heiko Muller and Sandra Wolf.

Finally, the best bit…..riding all the different variants of Riese and Muller ebikes!!!

A truly memorable occasion and one that we’ll remember forever!

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