Panasonic Electric Bike Technology

Currently, there are THREE Panasonic motor systems in production:

Panasonic IBS (Integrated Bottom Bracket System) Technology.
Utilised within the range of BH Emotion bikes.

BH and Pansonic have worked side by side to develop the IBS (Integrated Bottom Bracket System). The technology optimises the weight of the electric components by integrating the motor, controller, torque sensor and battery into one compact unit next to the pedals.Panasonic-crank

The 250W Panasonic compact motor uses brushless technology to reduce noise and motor heating. This allows the bike to be used as a conventional bicycle without the motor creating additional resistance. The torque sensor and controller work together to register the force exerted by the user, then processing it and sending a signal to the motor.

The Panasonic removable and rechargeable battery is in the center of the bike to balance the weight. Lithium Ion batteries are the latest technology available and they offer the best performance in terms of range. They perform at full capacity for 30 000km after which they suffer a reduction in performance of 20%. Various size batteries are available: 208Wh (26V/8Ah) has a range up to 80km; 288Wh (36V/8Ah) has a range up to 100km; 432Wh (36V/12Ah) has a range up to 150km.

2014 Centre Motor
Utilised within the range of KTM bikes

The 2014 Pansonic Centre Motor system works effectively and reliably and can be found on many of KTM’s bikes that provide the rider with a comfortable seating position and a pleasant accelerating engine that makes cycling so enjoyable. A specially developed, integrated into the bottom bracket torque sensor, continuously measures pedaling force and amplifies that effort depending on the selected support level. The new speed sensor provides a much smoother power delivery of the Panasonic System over the entire speed

panasonic-centre-motorThe Panasonic mid-engine achieves a low centre of gravity and a balanced distribution of weight. Both factors are ideal for a comfortable ride. Modern Li-Ion battery technology, and enormous battery capacity is used, whilst a Panasonic Quick Charger ensures that even with such a large battery capacity there’s an extremely low charging time.

The use of a new, optimised electrical voltage level of 36V, in conjunction with the speed sensor ensure the highest efficiency that combined with increased power delivery, produce an even greater range.

Rear Hub Motor System

Utilised within the range of KTM bikes.

KTM have come together with a pioneer of the eBike industry, Panasonic, manufacturer of high quality and proven electric drives to develop a new and unique sport motor system.

The Panasonic rear hub motor system has three levels of support, an automatic level (mean level of support with semi-automatic reload function on downhills) and a fixed adjustable generator stage for longer mountain trips. The generator function kicks in every time the brakes are triggered with the hand brake

The clear, backlit display allows you to select the different levels of support and retrieval functions. By means of a rotating circle in the upper part of the display, you can see at any time if energy into the system is being recycled. In addition, a bar display shows how much power the engine delivers.