Wide Range of Electric Bikes Available at OnBike

Range of Electric Bikes

Range of Electric Bikes and Accessories Brands Expand at OnBike

Whilst we wouldn’t wish to suggest that OnBike stocks every electric bike of every available brand, we do pride ourselves on keeping in stock a wide range of electric bikes. It’s so frustrating to undertake hours of research on these exciting machines, only to find the very one is unavailable. That’s why we carry a wide and varied selection of brands, and as result, provide potential customers with access to an array of motor drives, styles and  high quality ebikes.

Over the last few weeks, OnBike has acquired dealership for two very exciting, world-leading brands, ORTLIEB and BROOKS. ORTLIEB are the name in waterproof panniers and bags, manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. BROOKS of course are famous for their unique saddles and are still manufactured in Smethwick, Birmingham.

Electric Bikes from TEN High Quality Manufacturers

Here at OnBike, we select our brands very carefully. We only stock quality electric bikes that have proven pedigrees. Our bikes are driven by either Bosch, Shimano, Brose or Impulse. Huge names with a proven track record, available on a range of electric bikes in our store. Within Bosch of course are three motor variants, each lending itself to one particular application. Their Active Line motor is ideal for touring and long range whilst the Performance provides a little more punch with a touch less range. Finally, the Performance CX is ideal for eMTBs and delivers a sharper response. Shimano’s exciting and highly acclaimed E8000 motor can be found on our range of FOCUS, MERIDA and GHOST eMTBs. The ultra-quiet Brose is an absolute delight thanks to its smooth power delivery, and features on a number of SCOTT bikes. The Impulse series and Impulse EVO power many of the Kalkhoffs and combine power with huge range on their large 600Wh batteries. Ideal for touring.

With so much choice on offer, it can be hard to make a decision. However, help is on hand! We’ll guide you through the process and let you experience the very best in quality and performance.

Here’s a few gems from our range that OnBike has IN STOCK:


KTM Macina Classic 8 A5

KTM Macina Joy 9 A4

KALKHOFF Pro Connect B10

SCOTT E-Silence Speed 20


FOCUS Jam2 Plus


KTM Macina Lycan 274

SCOTT E-Genius 730 Plus

The above represent a small selection from our extensive range of electric bikes that are currently in stock. You won’t be disappointed!