FAZUA Evation Drive – Focus Raven2 9.8

FAZUA Evation
The FAZUA Evation drive system is a totally new innovation from Germany. Founded in 2013 in Munich, CEOs Johannes Biechele and Fabian Reuter had desires for an innovative eBike drive system, sporty in nature, yet totally natural in feel. The result was FAZUA
This unique combination of battery and motor is slim in design and weighs just 3.3 kg. Lighter than all other competitors. It combines motor, battery and electronics in a single unit. Removal or integration is easy. A cover clips in place when the unit is not required. Switch from ebike to conventional or visa versa in seconds. This allows ebike manufactures to produce frames that can accommodate such a sleek design in its downtube. Individual to the FAZUA Evation drive system is the unique clutch that separates the motor and bottom bracket when riding above 15mph. The rider sensation at this point is that there is no resistance whatsoever from the motor. This produces a very natural feel and that of a conventional cycle. Delivering a peak torque of 60Nm, the FAZUA Evation drive is a subtle yet gutsy performer. It’s power delivery is less aggressive than some of the competition. Ideal for commuting or leisure riding, the FAZUA is capable of conquering pretty much every challenge in its path. The difference is that it accomplishes its task in a highly desirable and natural manner. The FAZUA Evation is the drive system found on the FOCUS Raven2 9.8.