Lightweight eBikes are Now Available

Lightweight eBikes

Lightweight eBikes were always a dream in the old days that never became reality – now things are different!

To be fair, we don’t have any anxiety over the weight of eBikes in general. It only becomes a slight irritation if you have to carry them up a set of stairs or lift them over gates or obstacles like that. Other than that, we ride them like ordinary bicycles without hesitation.

There are of course instances when a lightweight eBike is more desirable. Take the ORBEA Rise for example. This eMTB represents a completely new approach to mountain biking. It’s a much lighter bike altogether thanks to a lighter frame and motor. Incidentally, the motor on the Rise is a down tuned EP8, that they refer to as an ‘EP8 RS’. It peaks at 60Nm rather than the EP8’s 85Nm and allows a more natural ride and feel for those not wanting full on power. It’s a nimble eMTB that’s more like a conventional mountain bike.

Furthermore, the all new Urrun and Kemen ebikes from ORBEA have really made a huge impact. We refer to them as ‘lightweight’ ebikes.


A hardtail mountain bike that weighs in at around 3kg lighter than the competition, with a Shimano EP8 RS 60Nm motor.


A touring bike, available in standard or ‘SUV’ format is around 4kg lighter than the competition, with a full on Shimano EP8 85Nm motor.

Add on Range Extender

The beauty of all these superb ebikes from ORBEA is that they all offer addition range by the addition of an external Range Extender. This comes in the form of a lookalike water bottle that sits unobtrusively on the frame, with a very natural look.

To summarise, if you’re looking for sleek lines, a lightweight ebike but also power, then look no further than the exciting new range from ORBEA.


Also worthy of note is the Specialized range of Turbo Vado SL ebikes. These beauties weigh in at less than 15kg!

Take a look at our range our lightweight eBikes from ORBEA HERE.

Take a look at our range our lightweight eBikes from SPECIALIZED HERE.