KTM Macina Electric Bikes

KTM Macina Electric Bikes

KTM Macina electric bikes are a huge name in the industry. KTM have been producing ebikes for many years alongside their conventional range of award winning bicycles.

The term ‘Macina’ identifies the bike as one within the KTM range of electric bikes. They focus heavily on Bosch motors and batteries, providing various models with differing gear options and styles. Furthermore, their range of ebikes is extensive and there is undoubtedly a model to suit everyone.

Wide range of KTM Macina electric bikes in stock now

Here at OnBike, we’ve been extremely fortunate to maintain good stock levels in general during these challenging times, including the KTM Macina range.

Below is an example of the range of KTM’s we currently have in stock. There’s only a handful left, and not every model is available in all sizes.

With the exception of the Macina Style 630, all the remaining ebikes retail at less than £3,000.00.

With such levels of uncertainty ahead regarding import duty, pricing and Brexit, one can be forgiven into thinking that buying now may well be the right thing to do.

Jewels in the crown include the Macina Central 5. This superb performer features Bosch’s strong Performance motor and 500Wh battery for immense hill climbing ability. In addition, it has Shimano’s new 5-speed Nexus hub for simple yet effective gearing to match any terrain. Also worthy of note is that it is available in smaller frame sizes. We have stocks of both the 43cm and 46cm frames. These are ideal for for both men and women of a smaller stature.

Also available in the small 43cm frame is the Macina Fun 510. This little cracker is very similar to the Macina Central 5 but instead, offers derailleur gearing instead of a hub. Which is best for me you may ask? Well, it quite often comes down to personal preference. Interestingly, there’s nothing really to choose between the two bikes regards performance. On ebikes, the type of gearing has far less an impact.

It’s fair to say that buying a quality, premium brand like KTM will provide the owner with an ebike that has longevity and reliability. Couple that with Bosch, and you really do have a winner every time!

See our full range of KTM Macina electric bikes HERE.