Womens Electric Bikes

Womens electric bikes traditionally have an ‘easy entry’ or step through frame but remain suitable for both men and women alike. There’s no right or wrong!


Getting on board a step through frame requires no great agility and is simplicity in itself. Consequently, ladies ebikes are perfect for everyone who may have difficulty getting on or off an ebike. In addition, they’re the choice for people who feel more confident slipping off the saddle when coming to rest. This way, the rider can plant both feet firmly on the ground! If you’re not sure whether to go for a crossbar or step through frame, perhaps consider the latter as a more flexible solution.

The battery position varies quite a lot on womens ebikes. These days the battery sits in every possible location. Noticeably, on the downtube, in front/behind the seatpost or on the rear carrier. With a leisure ebike like these, there’s really no discernible difference in performance as to the battery location.

Female Geometry and Ladies eBikes

A number of ladies electric bikes have female-specific geometry. Many are traditional ‘sit up and beg’ styles and have swept back handlebars for comfort. As a result, this allows the elbows to relax and avoids over extension of the arms. Step through frame bikes are ultra comfy! They come with all the bells and whistles as you’d expect. Noticeably, they have lights front and rear, mudguards and a rear carrier as standard on all ladies ebikes.

Gearing on womens electric bikes is in the form of either a hub or derailleur. It’s a personal choice, with no right or wrong. Interestingly, many bikes within the Riese & Müller range offer special gearing options such as Enviolo (seamless hub) and Rohloff (14-speed hub with electronic shifting). These types of gearing are a luxury, but extremely nice to have!

Whatever the preference, there’s an ebike for you!

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