Electric Bike Video – OnBike’s Shop in Worcester

Electric Bike Video

Phew….we’ve been in Worcester now for a few months, and we’re delighted with how things have turned out! In fact, we’re so proud of our new premises that we made a short electric bike video to show what’s on offer in our shop at the moment. It’s fair to say that this is constantly changing as we receive new models, but we do try to keep a consistent level in stock of our customer’s favourite electric bikes. You’ll see from the video below that the shop is home to a variety of ebike brands and styles…….


Electric Bike Video – eBikes Currently in Store to View

At the time of writing, we have wonderful examples from big brand names such as Scott, KTM, Haibike, Raleigh, BH Emotion, and KOGA. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to styles too. We have electric mountain bikes, full suspension & hardtails, crossbar and step through examples also. Depending on brand, there’s also a huge choice of drive system.

Electric Bike Drive Systems

Our electric bikes comprise a number of drive systems such as Bosch, Shimano STEPS, ION, Yamaha, and BH Emotion NEO. There’s examples of all these types of systems in our store AND OnBike is an official service centre for these, so customers have peace of mind that they will be fully supported.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to provide an insight into what we’re all about here at OnBike with our electric bike video, and given a preview of our store and the types of electric bikes we have on hand. Pay us a visit, and you’ll be sure to receive a warm welcome!