Bergamont Electric Bikes Come to OnBike

Bergamont Electric Bikes Range

Bergamont Electric Bikes Now Available in Worcester!

OnBike are delighted to announce that they are now supplying Bergamont electric bikes.

Hamburg is probably not the first city that comes to mind when thinking of a typical German bicycle manufacturer. Normally you would think of somewhere in the south around the Alps, or more mountainous regions. But Bergamont is a little different.

Their humble beginnings as a small bicycle repair shop in Schlachthof right smack in the heart of Hamburg were back in 1993. They’re still there – but much larger now. Perhaps it wasn’t only the love of bikes and German engineering, but the traditional Hanseatic proximity to world trade that allowed Bergamont to grow the way they’ve done to become one of Germany’s leading bicycle manufacturers.

Today, the heart of Bergamont beats in time with what has by now become Hamburg’s pulsating and iconic cultural epicentre known as the “Schanze” and St.Pauli. Bergamont electric bikes reflect this cultural vibe which shines through in their innovative ebike design.

Bergamonts product managers and engineers hit the streets with prototypes to cruise through this vibrant neighbourhood and give the new bikes their very first shake down on the old cobblestone streets, embankments and rough construction sites. Next, they head to the outskirts to ride them in more demanding terrain over the Harburg Mountains.

Bergamont Frames

Bergamont believe that the frame is as close to the heart of a bike as it can be. They teamed up with the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg where new frame designs are transformed into computer models to virtually test their strength and durability before the first prototypes are even put together. When the first of these prototypes are finished they are put through a series of gruelling tests at the EFBE-Institute to guarantee static and dynamic stability even under extreme use. The serial production always involves a lot of craftsmanship. All frames are welded or in case of carbon fibre frames are laminated by hand.

Our first Bergamont electric bikes have arrived here in Worcester. We’re please to present the Bergamont E-Line C N360 Harmony Wave featuring the NuVinci Harmony Continuously Variable Automatic Gears. Come and take a look…you won’t be disappointed.