Electric Bike Health Benefits, and more…

Electric Bike Health Benefits

Electric Bike Health Benefits

Electric bike health benefits have on occasion been scoffed at by the ‘non-converted’, but judging by the growing number of referrals from healthcare professionals for patients to make use of an electric bike to improve their cardiovascular efficiency and all-round health and fitness, there’s no more ‘scoffing’ to be had….


The truth is, these days most of us eat too much, and exercise too little. However, integrating an electric bike into your day to day life would be such an easy way to get back into exercise. Some people may have the mindset that an electric bike is a cheat and isn’t actually a great source of exercise. Well these people are wrong, all of the bikes here at OnBike require you to pedal and pedal and pedal…even though these bikes are motor assisted, you will definitely feel like you need to catch some of your breath back! The plain truth of the matter is that electric bike health benefits are REAL! Obviously, a standard bike will work you harder, but the question is ‘will you use it regularly?’ Research has shown that people who own and use an electric bike actually use it more often than standard bike users use theirs. Therefore, you may have a higher chance of getting into better shape as the form of exercise isn’t as daunting to think about! Regular exercise is the key. However, not all the benefits are health related and don’t end there…..


Riding an electric bike instead of using other transport is a great way for cutting down your costs. As the price of petrol and diesel just keeps on rising right before our eyes, it’s a fantastic alternative for those shorter car journeys which you could quite easily do on an electric bike! Same goes for public transport which also digs into your pocket. Taking your electric bike into town instead of the bus is just one example of how you can integrate it into your routine.


Are you conscious about the environment? We are!. Riding your electric bike instead driving or using fuel-burning forms of transport is another step to helping the earth’s environment and staying green. There is no impact on the environment as you ride your electric bike, CO2 will only be leaving your lungs! Ok, there’s a very modest price to pay in terms of charging the battery, but you can feel good about the help you’ve been doing for the Earth and its environment.


Above all (and most importantly)…..electric bikes are meant to be used, so treat yourself and HAVE FUN!!

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