eBikes In Stock!

eBikes in stock

Put those frustrations to bed, OnBike has PLENTY of ebikes in stock with more on their way!

Covid-19 has, as we all know, been devastating for not just the UK, but the entire world. Many have lost loved ones, and many continue to find themselves battling this terrible illness. 

Since the Government’s suggestion that cycling is more beneficial in many ways including an alternative to public transport, bike shops like ourselves have seen a huge upturn in demand. Many dealers have sold out and are struggling to source stock.

OnBike Electric Bikes has some GREAT NEWS!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are extremely fortunate here at OnBike and do in fact have a wide variety of ebikes in stock. Even better news is that more ebikes are on their way, and currently in transit!

We are able to continue replenishing our stock going forward and are helping the general public in every way we can.

Here’s a few examples of the fabulous ebikes we either have in stock now, or will arrive shortly in the next few days/weeks:


These fabulous ebikes are selling on a daily basis.

To avoid disappointment, reserve yours NOW!