The Innovative and Unique Westfalia BC60 Cycle Carrier

Westfalia BC60 Cycle Carrier

The Westfalia BC60 Cycle Carrier for Electric Bikes

The Westfalia BC60 Cycle Carrier is an innovative and flexible system, designed to carry the weight of 2 x electric bikes, with an additional option for a third if required. It is a safe, and easy way to carry your electric bike without having to worry about losing your prized possession during a journey. Quick to load and effective, the Westfalia BC60 Cycle Carrier has loads of features that are not found on other carriers.

The BC60 is a towbar mounted system and represents the ultimate in convenience. No tools or assembly is required, nor is there a need for any extra parts to be fitted. The carrier attaches to the vehicle easily and is locked on, as are the bikes when being carried. Mounted on the rear of the vehicle, means there’s no more lifting of bikes onto the car roof. Folding and versatile, the Westfalia BC60 pivots on its horizontal axis to allow access to the car boot, even when loaded.

Sitting in the slipstream of the vehicle, the Westfalia carrier doesn’t significantly increase fuel consumption, unlike roof mounted carriers.

The carrier folds into such a compact unit, that it can be stowed safely out of sight when not in use, in the safety of a car boot. The Westfalia BC60 has a number of accessories and attachments to make your experience even more enjoyable:

Westfalia Box

Mounting easily onto the Cycle Carrier, the Westfalia Box is a multi-purpose, removable storage box providing easily accessible, additional vehicle storage space, with a capacity of 200 litres.

Drive Up Ramp

A drive up ramp can be attached to make loading and unloading safer and easier – walk your electric bike onto the carrier!

Wall Mounting Bracket

Hang your BC60 Carrier out of harms way on the garage wall using this nifty wall bracket.

Expansion Rail for 3rd Cycle

Explore further options with an additional bracket for a 3rd cycle that fits neatly onto the carrier.