Kalkhoff Jubilee Advance B7

Kalkhoff Jubilee Advance B7

The Jubilee Advance B7 from Kalkhoff is a great value for money ebike. That’s why we feel it deserves special recognition in one of our news stories!

Our product offering has a wide range of price points. We love every single one of our ebikes. They’re carefully chosen each season, selected on specific criteria such as value for money, spec level, and quality of build. We now only supply Bosch and Shimano motors in our range of ebikes. In our experience, these are the most reliable and best performing drives on the market.

Here at OnBike, we fully appreciate that not everyone wants to spend thousands and thousands on an ebike. That’s where the Jubilee Advance B7 comes in ahead of the competition.

Electric bikes manufactured in the Far East, and those masquerading as being made in this country (but actually have poor quality components) are not what we’re about. The Jubilee Advance B7 is great value for money when comparing ebikes.

There’s absolutely no reason in our opinion to consider a sub £1,000 ebike when the likes of the Advance B7 are available at such a competitive price.

Consider the huge pedigree of Kalkhoff, Germany’s most successful ebike manufacturer, quality of build, support and level of components, then it makes perfect sense.

Key Features of the Jubilee Advance B7

  • Shimano 8-speed hub gears
  • Powerful & quiet Bosch Active motor
  • 400Wh Bosch battery (500Wh upgrade available)
  • Lights, front & rear
  • Magura hydraulic rim brakes
  • Adjustable handlebar stem
  • Suspension seatpost

The Jubilee Advance B7 provides a very comfortable ride with its “sit up and beg” riding position. It’s a simple to operate, no fuss ebike designed for both ladies and gents alike. With four levels of assistance, the rider chooses the power levels. These change easily via a neatly mounted control on the handlebar. An ebike for all occasions, the Jubilee Advance B7 is equally at home on the road or looser ground such as canal towpaths.

Available in 26″ or 28″ wheel sizes and matt grey or gloss white, this gem is a real star that outshines the rest!

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