New Riese & Müller eBikes 2020

New Riese & Muller eBikes

New Riese & Müller eBikes for 2020 are available soon…..!

We’re very excited…no, overwhelmingly frenzied in fact (!) that the new range of ebikes from Germany’s most prestigious ebike manufacturer are in production.

Let’s cut to the chase and straight away show a few images of these awesome ebikes:

Features of the New Riese & Müller Range 2020

There’s a lot to say about the fabulous 2020 range of ebikes from Riese & Müller, but let’s keep it brief!

We’ll be updating our web page shortly to reflect the 2020 range, but for the moment it’s worth mentioning that many models offer these great features:

  • Integrated battery
  • Dual battery option
  • New Bosch motor systems utilising full sized chainrings
  • New colours to choose from
  • Cockpit options: KIOX, Intuvia, SmartphoneHub
  • Carrier options
  • A ‘GX’ option for all terrain
  • A ‘heavy duty option’for increased load

New Range of Delite & Superdelite

The 2020 season sees Riese & Müller take a further step forward with their top end Delite range.

New is the fully integrated battery on all models and variants.

The Delite is a single battery option and the Superdelite is a dual battery option. Batteries are 500Wh each and both are available in a ‘mountain’ variant.

New Bosch Motors

Bosch are re-working their range of Performance and Performance CX motors to be inline with their current Active and Active Plus.

The main differences are a lighter and smaller unit than their predecessors. Also worthy of note is that the new Performance motor will have a peak torque of 65Nm which is higher. Power delivery is smoother too!

If you’d like to read more about the new motors, Bosch have a great website with all the detail. Click HERE.

2020 Range Due in Soon!

We have dozens of new Riese & Müller 2020 ebikes arriving in the next several weeks.

If you’d like to be one of the first people to own one of these extraordinary ebikes, then please give us a call.

You can see all the new models on the Riese & Müller website HERE.