MiRiDER One GB3 Folding eBike WINS Highest Recommendation

MiRider One GB3 Folding eBike

The MiRider One GB3 folding eBike has won a prestigious award!

The lovely people at ROAD.CC gave the MiRider the thumbs up as the BEST electric bike to buy in 2022/23!

Founded in 2008, ROAD.CC is a highly regarded cycling news, reviews, and advice website. It has a strong emphasis on building a community that reflects the wide diversity of cyclists and cycling in the UK and beyond. Their recommendations are highly sought after!

Why the MiRider One GB3 Folding eBike is a Winner

Impressive hill climbing and impressive range make this a great all-round performer for shorter commutes and leisure rides

Below is a summary of the key points that ROAD.CC have in their review:

  • A great all-round performer for shorter commutes and leisure rides.
  • A twist grip with three gear points to click between. Simplicity itself. Also, a cracking little rear hub motor provides the power.
  • MiRiDER has been able to fit a belt drive, meaning no oil to get on clothes and no regular maintenance.
  • Over moderately hilly terrain we got over 35 miles from the small 252Wh battery. This meant a decent amount of moderate exercise. However, the small Bafang motor took the sting out of the climbs and on the flat. On the downhill it proved a very nice bike to ride with the power turned off.
  • Despite its appearance as a fun and funky folder, the GB3 is a very nice bike to ride. In addition, if you want a workout too, that works with just enough assistance to make the exercise a pleasure rather than a pain.
  • The gears also help you get the most out of the system. In third you can push the GB3 along unassisted at about 20mph; second is fine for most hills; and first means the bike can climb just about anything you put in front of it.
  • The Gemma hydraulic disc brakes are smooth and powerful. They’re superior in stopping power to just about all other brakes we’ve tried on 16in-wheeled e-bikes.
  • The GB3 undercuts a lot of the competition in terms of price. However, add on the two-year guarantee and the UK factory and it’s clear that MiRiDER has come up with a winning formula. 

We agree wholeheartedly with ROAD.CC. The Mirider GB3 folding eBike is a real winner!

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