Small Electric Bikes

Small electric bikes are ideal for many people, and offer a great solution. OnBike has access to smaller frame sizes in many brands for the more petite rider.


We offer a number of small framed bikes; full sized 26″ wheel e-bikes in small frame sizes (e.g. 39cm), and smaller ebikes with 20″ wheels too.

By their very nature, the 20″ folding ebike frames are much smaller than their counterparts that have 26″ and 28″ wheel sizes. For people who are quite petite, they’re a great solution. Consequently, they’re easy to hop on and off without any hassle. Also, the rider can place their feet on the ground with ease. This provides a huge confidence boost too.

In addition, electric bikes with larger wheels also come with smaller frames. The small ebikes listed below are a mixture of all wheel sizes and in our experience, suitable for riders from 5’0″ upwards.

They appear in this section because they are available in a much smaller frame size than many other ebikes.

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