Folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes offer the ultimate in flexibility, with the option to transport the bike in the boot of a car, the garage of a motorhome, and on a caravan or boat. In addition, they’re ideal for the smaller rider.


Folding Electric BikesIf a small e-bike isn’t quite small enough, then perhaps consider a powered folding electric bike instead.

A folding electric bike can fold in one or two places, on the lower part of the frame itself and on the handlebar stem. The result is a neat, compact unit that is easily packed. They are an ideal solution for many, including smaller individuals. Their low step frames and 20″ wheel size are just the job. Many smaller riders find a 26″ or 28″ wheel just a little bit too hard to manoeuvre:

The perfect companion, an electric folding bike comes into its own especially with motorhome users. Most owners want to park up and leave the motorhome sited for the duration of their stay. It’s a great solution for shopping and exploring. Furthermore, they can be a great option for commuting to and from the workplace when parking is limited.

A Great Choice of Folding Electric Bikes

OnBike offers for sale a variety of folding ebikes with different features. With this in mind, we think we have a great selection of QUALITY folders. Each one has a slightly differing spec from its neighbour. Here’s our cream of the crop:

Riese & Müller

Tinker Vario

The Tinker Vario from Riese & Müller folds at the handlebars and is available in TWO colours, white or black.

Continuously variable transmission, Gates belt drive & strong Bosch Performance motor. Luxurious gearing & drive train.


Fold Hybrid 500 & Fold Sport Hybrid 500

The Cube Fold is a fully folding ebike with height adjustable handlebars. It’s suitable for all statures and is available in two gearing options.

Compact Hybrid Sport

The Cube Compact Hybrid Sport is a partial folder with height adjustable handlebars.

Powered by Bosch’s Performance motor, like the Tinker & Vektron, it’s a great hill climber!



MiRider make TWO super little folders.

The MiRider ONE is single speed and the GB3 model has three gears plus a carbon belt rather than a chain. They both represent great value for money, and at only £1,595 for the ONE, we couldn’t find anything better on the market for the price!

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